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Success Stories

Through the efforts of dedicated staff and a fantastic group of volunteers and foster homes, Pawmetto Lifeline has found thousands of animals their forever homes. Here are just a few of the happy "tails" we love sharing with you.

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Submitted by: Sara Reinhardt

Sophie, formerly Astrid

Two and a half years ago I went to Pawmetto Lifeline. I had just moved to South Carolina for graduate school and was looking for a fur baby. I wasn't set on getting a cat, but as soon as I met Sophie, I knew she was perfect for me! She made the stress of graduate school go away by being so sweet and cuddle. She has been there through so many changes in life, including the addition of my husband and our new kitten, Lilly. Today, Sophie is still as sweet as ever! She loves having a little sister and enjoys the extra attention from my new husband. Thank you Pawmetto Lifeline for allowing me to adopt my sweet Sophie Girl!

Submitted by: Katie Fogle


Mu, formally known as Thea

I walked into Pawmetto Lifeline in April with my mom and a friend and I told them, "I'll look but I really only want to adopt a special needs dog." And I walked through all the runs and in the last one was the dog that stole my heart. She put her paw against my hand and I knew that I could not walk away and forget about her. She may be hearing and visually impaired but she takes every thing by full force. I adopted her and took her back to school with me at Clemson University and she has been my partner in crime ever since then. We do everything together, from visiting the beach, playing with all the dogs, or meeting my friends. Adopting her has brought more laughter and adventure to my life than I could have ever thought possible. She greets each one of my friends as her new best friend and each new adventure with excitement and happiness.

And I made an Instagram for her too (deafdog_Mu)  

Submitted by: Daniel & Karen Turgeson

Shadow formerly Bryson,

After the loss of our beloved “Gandoff”, we were sure we would not be ready to take in another dog. We have had three rescued dogs. We know they need work, however we have never regretted it. Well I had finished watching Cesar Millan and a comment made about dark animals. “Black or dark dogs and cats are the last to be adopted” well I looked this up on the internet not only did I find this to be correct. I proceeded to look at some adoption sites and sure enough it a fact. At Pawmetto Lifeline I seen two dogs, the first dog was very high-strung. The second dog I was told might need some work, he “Shadow formerly Bryson” was underweight at 62 lbs. black (Sable German Shepherd with a white spot on his chest). He had an embedded collar that had left very bad scars around his neck. We have picked out our dogs by behavior and when the dogs in the next room started to bark, he went to the door and just stared. I told him it’s okay, he laid down at my feet and played.



Well at his last checkup he weighed 76 lbs. in less than 3 weeks, his neck is healed and he is home. Open your home and you may need a little patience but it is worth it. The staff at Pawmetto Lifeline work very hard to save these animals and sometimes their work should not go unnoticed.

Submitted by: Haley Hinze

My boyfriend and I brought Nemo home about 3 months ago after losing his two beloved kitties. Nemo was one of Pawmetto Lifeline's "special kitties," but we fell in love at first sight and had to bring him home. After a few weeks of hiding under the bed and behind the toilet, he is now the sweetest little boy we could have ever asked for. He loves to snuggle and play with his kitty toy (still scared of the red dot and anything that squeaks- we're working on it!). Could not have asked for a better experience during and after the adoption process. Thanks Pawmetto!!

Submitted by: Margaret Dickinson

I adopted Carolina (Lina) aka Zara back in September of this year. I flew in from Cape May NJ to pick this beautiful girl up. Lina enjoys running in the back yard with her brother Max the Boston terrior and likes to agitate sister daisy the yorkie. Lina loves to lay in the sun and is a lap dog. Lina is house broken she loves to swat at the gingle bells on the door to got out and loves to give kisses. Thank you so much for allowing to adopt Lina.