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Pawmetto Lifeline Dog Adoptions | Meet Biscuit

A Southern Staple, a European Treat and a Lap Dog

Adopt a dog from Pawmetto LifelineIn the South, they are comfort food paired with country ham, gravy and sausage.
In the UK, they are a sweet treat enjoyed with tea.
At Pawmetto Lifeline, a Biscuit is a loveable lap dog in need of a home.

Meet our Biscuit. Named appropriately, he adds comfort to life by climbing in your lap. He’s a sweet treat that will give you unlimited kisses and snuggles. And, he’s waiting for his forever home.

Adopt a dog from Pawmetto Lifeline

Biscuit was surrendered to one of our local shelters, and he was terrified. Not only was he terrified, he was also quite a mess. Once he came into our care, Pawmetto Lifeline gave him a bath, a haircut, a dental and his neuter surgery. That’s not all. This sweet Biscuit suffers from constant dry eyes. At times you’ll look at him and think he’s being cute by squinting his eyes, but really he is dealing with the discomfort. All he needs is a quick drop in each eye and he’s back to his sweet lazy lap dog personality, snuggling and giving kisses. He is well behaved, knows his name and obeys as requested.

This four-year-old schnoodle is the perfect lap dog. He gets along with other dogs….and even cats! Give him a couch or blanket and he’ll lay with you for hours.

If you are missing a little comfort or a super sweet little companion we invite you to meet Biscuit.  He’ll be the best addition to your family if you are interested in adopting a dog.

Adopt a dog from Pawmetto LifelineIf you are looking to adopt a pet, visit to complete an adoption application or view all pets available for adoption.

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