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Pawmetto Lifeline Foster, C. Jones

It’s a bit of a challenge trying to verbally express, and do justice to, the unparalleled joy I get from fostering puppies. Although I have loved dogs since I was a little girl, I imagine a therapist would say something about it having to do with the fact that I was adopted. Perhaps it does, in some deep down inside place, but no matter. I foster because it brings me so much happiness helping something so innocent.

I fell into fostering quite by accident. A seemingly lost German Shepherd jumped into my fiancé’s car late one afternoon. Poor dog had no id tags; no microchip; nothing but a wagging tail and a huge appetite. We tried everything from Facebook to posters to calling vets to find his family, but to no avail. Through a series of calls to a friend, as well as a friend of my friend, Pawmetto Lifeline helped me save him. The dog was given medical care, then sent home with me, to foster, til his forever home could be found. This was my first experience helping dogs who for whatever reason had been abandoned. It gave me such a strong sense of purpose. An overwhelming feel of satisfaction in doing what was right and necessary. It took just a few days to find a perfect match for him. I’m not sure who was smiling more, me, his new mom, or the handsome boy we gave a second chance to.

I was hooked on that feeling from then on. I knew I had found the perfect use of my time and energy. I was still adjusting to life here in the South, and feeling practically foreign. Dogs know no cultural differences. I knew I could help give them a fresh start. And with the puppies, I knew I could give them a great beginning. What better reason is there than that? Puppies are bright eyed, little fluff balls, filled with wonder and unconditional love. Puppies are not just about endless “accidents.” They’re about endless kisses, and non-stop tail wagging. How could they not bring a smile to my face, along with warmth to my heart, every minute that we’re together? They’re so small, so dependent, with that sweet breath, and those not so sweet nips at your heels. For me, fostering is a no-brainer. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you’ve helped someone start off right.

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