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February is HEART month!

February is HEART month at Pawmetto Lifeline. HEART, Help Every Animal Reach Tomorrow, a program of Pawmetto Lifeline, partners with rescue organizations throughout the country in an effort to move homeless pets from the municipal shelters in the Midlands to no-kill animal rescue organizations that can provide the necessary medical care and training to ensure a successful adoption for each pet. We are happy to say that through our combined efforts we have been able to save more than 3,700 lives since July 2011 through HEART. Collaboration is the best way to address such a difficult problem. By working together, we can save even more lives.


Every day, thousands of healthy, adoptable animals are euthanized across the country. Not because they are mean, or ill, or even unloved. But simply because there are too many animals in need and not enough resources available. HEART is the Midlands’ response to this problem.  HEART stands for help every animal reach tomorrow and by working together we hope to do just that.

Our dedicated staff goes into the municipal shelters of the Midlands every day and looks into the faces of the animals in need. We work daily to help our community become a no-kill community, meaning that no healthy, treatable, adoptable animal dies simply because it is homeless.

From death row to adoption row
The problem is bigger than one organization can fix alone. HEART brings together more than 150 like-minded 501(c)3 rescue organizations and groups from around the country (and a few in Canada), that want to help us save these animals. What makes all the difference is the dedication from our staff, partners, and the municipal shelters themselves to find a better way. A better way to save lives. A better way to work together. A better way to help every animal reach tomorrow.

What can you do?
If you’re a rescue organization, click here to learn more about becoming a placement partner.

Even though HEART works with rescue organizations to pull animals, individuals can help us save these cats and dogs by providing medical and transport sponsorships. To sponsor pets on death row and help them have a chance, visit our donate page.

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