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Thanks for Making Howl-A-Ween a Success!

If you had shown up in the Pawmetto Lifeline lobby on October 29th, things might have been a bit…spookier! We had a scarecrow checking dogs into our Doggy Daycare, a Lollipop Guild member leaving her lollipops everywhere, and even a lady bug working the adoption kennels. But why? Halloween was still two days away? Is everyone at Pawmetto Lifeline overly enthusiastic for the “trick or treat” holiday?

Well, it may not have been Halloween yet, but it was for sure HOWL-A-WEEN, Pawmetto Lifeline’s first ever Halloween event for pets and their owners. The day was jam packed with preparation for the event that started at 4pm. Sponsored by On Call Plumbing, Heating and Air, the event boasted $15 microchips, free treats for pups and free Jimmy Johns sandwiches (another great sponsor) for the pet’s humans, there were goodies for all. There was a bake sale and AND give-a-ways, but the main attraction was the pet costume contest! With twelve of the cutest pups dressed in their costumed finest, their owners paraded them around the Pawmetto Lifeline indoor play park on the second level of the facility! Winners included a Lady Bug and a Bumble Bee, not to mention a Cow and a Baby!

But the event had an even bigger impact that the fun had by those participating. Throughout the event, which lasted well after dark, there were four adoptions the event (two dogs, two cats), ten microchips and over 30 tours through the Pawmetto Lifeline facilities!

Best estimations bring the total crowd to between 55 and 60 people, with over $300 through the BOO! Bake Sale, the Creepy Costume Contests and through other donations at the event! The total gives Pawmetto Lifeline the necessary funds to save another homless pet from a shelter!

To put the above statistics about the event into even simpler terms, four pets found their homes (which means Pawmetto Lifeline can now pull four more to safety through our programs); ten pets are protected from being picked up as strays and euthanized because they are chipped, and Pawmetto Lifeline are able to pull one more pet today than they were yesterday.

“From our end, it was a success, because we celebrate every life saved!”, says Taylor Wilson, Director of Marketing and Communications for Pawmetto Lifeline.

“We could NOT have done this without and are so grateful to On Call for the sponsorship. So grateful, in fact, we burst a pipe from our glee this morning and had to call On Call out to repair it!”

Next year, if this event is planned again, it promises to go bigger and better. And who can say no to more treats?

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