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Benefits of Pet Adoption

At Pawmetto Lifeline, we believe in the power of pet adoption. Shelters are full of homeless pets of all shapes and sizes just waiting for their “fur-ever” homes. You are sure to find the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle! Here are wonderful reasons why pet adoption is right for you:

  1. You can save a life. Simple as that! This has to be the most rewarding part of pet adoption. Your new family member is given the opportunity to flourish in your home and will have the ability to live a healthy, loving life. You will save a homeless pet from extra time in shelters or possible euthanization.
  2. Many of the pets are already trained. Adopting a pet, especially an older ones, means less time you will spend on training. House-trained pets are perfect for the busy worker or family. Puppies and kitties are hard work (comparable to having a newborn baby!), and some families do not have the extra time to train young pups or kittens.
  3. You can be an example to others. Chances are, you know people who are hesitant about pet adoption. By adopting a dog or cat yourself, you can spread the word about the benefits and joys of adoption. Help others realize that loving pets are waiting for them!
  4. The selection is endless. At animal shelters, you are bound to find the perfect pet. You will see dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes, each ready and willing to be a part of your life. You will be able to find the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle because of the large variety of homeless pets available.
  5. You can adopt a purebred. Did you know that 25% of homeless pets in municipal shelters are purebreds? Many people believe that purebreds cannot be found in shelters, but this is not the case. You contact Pawmetto Lifeline, and we can work with you to find the breed you want.
  6. Unconditional love.  This goes both ways. You will love your pet, and your pet will adore you. It is so fulfilling to have a companion who loves you just as much as you love him or her and to know that this love will last forever.

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