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Housetraining 101

Over the last 8 years that I have been in rescue, I have had many puppies in my home and had to housetrain  them.   Some puppies learn quickly and others do not.  I will give you some tips that will help with housetraining but the number one tip is PATIENCE!

  • When bringing home your new puppy make sure you take the puppy to the area where they will be expected to use for their “potty spot”.  Many puppies are excited from the car ride and need to use the potty spot immediately.  This will help to establish the potty spot.
  • BE CONSISTENT!!!  Make sure that you are taking your new puppy to their potty spot often. This may take several weeks – so be patient.
  • Use a timer to remind yourself to take the puppy out every two hours for the first couple of days.  Remember puppies have a very small bladder and like kids, they all of a sudden remember they have to go to the potty!
  • Make sure that your new puppy is in a crate, an x-pen or a safe small room when you are not home so that they do not have the entire home to use as their potty spot.
  • Give lots of praise when they do use the potty spot.
  • Do not “punish” a puppy  when they have an accident in the home (this will happen so be prepared!).  Take them outside when they have the accident so they know they need to use the potty spot.  After a puppy has made a mistake, they do not understand why they are being punished.  Again, lots of patience!
  • One of the tricks I use is washable pee pee pads.  I put them down throughout my home and in the area they stay when I am not home for those accidents that will happen.

Remember that one tip may work for one puppy but not for another one.  If these don’t work for you, go online and find other tips, ask friends and family but never give up!  With patience and training you will have a great pet!

by DeeAnn Jones, Director of Adoptions and Customer Service, Pawmetto Lifeline

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