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Keeping Pets Indoors

Last week, something unbelievable happened – it snowed in Columbia, South Carolina! Many people, anticipating freezing temperatures, brought their outside-only animals in, maybe for the first time. These animals were likely overjoyed at their new status as indoor pets, even if it was just for a few days.

At Pawmetto Lifeline, we believe that all companion animals should be indoor family members, not just when the weather makes it a necessity.  There are many dangers to animals left unattended, even if adequate enclosures are provided. In just the last week, there were two separate incidents of dogs being stolen out of padlocked fences, families devastated with no leads on who may have taken their pets and to what end.

But this extreme example is only one reason to keep your companion animals inside with you. Indoor animals have much longer lifespans when inside and free from weather, safe from other animals coming into their territory, and safe from exposure to parasites, disease, more that thrive outside.

Need more reasons to keep your pet inside? Check out our top five:

1. Save on your electricity bill! Dogs and cats love to snuggle close and generate lots of heat, so lower that thermostat and enjoy the savings!

2. Lower your stress! Studies have shown that frequent interaction with animals has a positive effect on stress levels and can even lower blood pressure.

3. Spend less time washing dishes! Cats and dogs are more than happy to pre-wash those dirty dinner plates before they go in the dishwasher. You’ve never seen your dishes so clean!

4. You don’t need a doorbell. Most dogs and some cats know before someone even knocks that you have company! And they can be brilliant at greeting friends and helpful at dissuading strangers.

5. When your pet feels like family, they can be incredibly well adjusted, well behaved, and truly entertaining to have in your life!

If you are concerned about leaving your pet in your home for long periods of time, there are some solutions and resources that we can help you with.

  • Pawmetto Lifeline provides Doggy Daycare and Boarding that allows your pet to get necessary exercise and socialization with other pups. They are also cared for by our trained Animal Care Specialists. We can provide grooming, training, etc. for your pet while they are here with us.
  • You can also work with trainers recommended by Pawmetto Lifeline to train your pet to stay in one area of your home, with water and food readily available, of course. They will know what they can and can’t touch in this space and will entertain themselves with engaging toys you can leave with them, including toys with frozen peanut butter inside (one of my pup’s favorite).

We hope that these tips help you feel more comfortable about keeping your pet indoors. This is a great way to ensure you don’t ever have to worry about them being stolen by individuals that do not have their best interests at heart. You can always contact Pawmetto Lifeline at 465-9150 for more information about the services we have detailed above!

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