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Teddy’s Journey

Meet Teddy! This handsome boy has been on quite the journey since we first met him at a local municipal shelter in October 2013. He had been picked up as a stray, and his future looked bleak.

Less than a third of the animals who end up at a municipal shelter get out alive, and with only five days to find safety, Teddy’s outlook was grim. Luckily, he was charming, and the shelter extended his hold time until Pawmetto Lifeline had space to save him.

Once he got here, he really opened up. He had been sweet but terrified at the municipal shelter, and now that he knew he was safe, it was amazing to see his personality blossom. He was kind, funny, and goofy, with a big grin on his face. We had no doubt that he would find his forever home quickly.

But months went by, and the stress of living in a shelter environment, even with all the attention he was getting from staff and volunteers, started to wear on him. During tours of adoption row, Teddy would bark and growl. He wasn’t a ferocious dog, but his fear got worse as time went on, and the only way he knew to “protect” himself was to seem bigger and scarier than we knew him to be.

We moved him to foster homes, hoping the stability of a family, even a temporary one, would quell his fears, and our sweet boy would shine through. But again, his fear made him act in ways that we knew weren’t his true personality, and he came back to the adoption center. He continued to regress, so we moved him to a quieter run, and his smile started to come back. He has started basic obedience training with our staff, and is even getting to go on play dates with friends like Murphy, pictured with Teddy below.

We know that Teddy can be a wonderful and cherished member of the right family, and we need your help to find that home! He needs a strong leader who can show him he is safe and loved, and who will teach him how to be his best self.

For more information on our adoption process, please email, or call 803-465-9150.

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