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A Letter from our CEO

To all Animal Advocates Actively Opposing S.687,

Each of you is nothing short of absolutely amazing. Each person that called, emailed their Senators, and represented the animals at the Senate Sub Committee Public Hearings over the last month has been providing a voice for the voiceless! We were so proud to work beside each of you as we address the dangerous articles included in this bill. You believe in our mission and you follow through with actions. The Senators said they got more calls on this Bill than many others. Senator Campbell was even quoted as saying “This bill has created as much concern and interest as I’ve had since I’ve been here in eight years, and it’s because people do care about animals and they care about them on both sides of the issue.”

We are moving towards the end of the legislative session, and it is still unclear if we will have another sub committee meeting before the end of session. If we do, you can be sure we will again call upon you, the animal advocates, to come and make your opposition known.

If another hearing isn’t called this session, we are still needing to fight and educate the community about the issues surrounding this bill. We will be working tirelessly over the summer to provide information you can share with your network of friends and family so that when this is brought up again in January 2016, we are all ready to show up and shut this down once and for all.

We will let you know the next steps as soon as we receive the information. Until then, we wanted to let you know that we are so, so thankful the sub committee  has not called a vote on this bill and it is because of the hard work you each did to show your concerns regarding Senate Bill 687!

Thank you for representing the companion pets not just in the Midlands but across the state!

Denise Wilkinson

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