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Protect Your Pets During Columbia’s Famously Hot Summer

Summer is here and with temperatures reaching and exceeding record highs this week it is more important than ever to keep your pets safe and cool.

Do not leave your pet in the car. Ever. During the day or at night. Temperatures inside a car can reach upwards of 120 degrees within just 30 minutes during an average South Carolina summer day. Dangerous and deadly.

How do you know if your dog has experienced a heat stroke and is in severe danger? Be on the lookout for these behaviors and symptoms:

  •  Excessive panting
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Staggering/stupor/seizures

Short-nosed breeds, large heavy-coated breeds, and dogs with pre-existing respiratory or heart problems are at high-risk for a heat stroke.


If you have established that your animal is suffering from a heat stroke there are a few things you can do to quickly cool your pet down.

  • Remove the animal from the heat. Bring the pet inside or into the shade and out of the sun.
  • Give the animal cool (not cold) water. Begin with a small amount and do not force the animal to drink.
  • Place cool compresses on your pet around its head and feet.
  • Contact your veterinarian.

Be mindful of hot surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. The summer sun and air temperatures can heat asphalt to astronomical numbers resulting in painful burns and skin destruction. Would you want to walk down the street barefoot in Famously Hot Columbia? Neither does your animal.

It is easy to enjoy the summer with your pet while keeping everyone healthy & happy.

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