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Why Pet Retention is a LARGE Part of the Solution

At Pawmetto Lifeline, pet retention is a critical component to being a no-kill community. Surrendering your pet to the local shelter for various reasons may seem like the right idea at the time, but there are many ways that Pawmetto Lifeline can help you keep your pet in the best environment for them, your home.

Financial reasons are a huge factor in owner’s desire to give up their pet. To help with the financial burden of owning a pet, Pawmetto Lifeline runs a high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinic that has the capability of altering tens of thousands of pets every year at a low cost. Call: 803-465-9100 for more information.

In addition to the spay and neuter clinic, Pawmetto Lifeline’s Care-A-Van Mobile Vaccine Service is  designed to provide pet owners with convenient access to low-cost vaccines and products to keep their dogs and cats healthy. Three mobile vaccine units operate every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in various locations across SC. The preventative measures provided are paramount to keeping healthy pets in your home. Check out our schedule at

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Aside from the burden of medical costs, food for pets can be financially taxing during tough times. The Pet Food Pantry, also called Pet Soup, provides dog and cat food to needy owners. By providing this resource for qualified pet owners, less fortunate members of the community are able to keep their animals, instead of having to add them to the huge number of homeless pets. This simple, yet much-needed program serves more than 1,000 registered clients each year, and distributes up to 6,000 pounds of pet food each month. Contact: for more information.


If you are having trouble with training your pet, Pawmetto Lifeline has access to trainers and can provide recommendations for your specific situation. Contact DeeAnn Jones at for more information.

Increasing the pet retention rate helps people find a happy solution for themselves and their pets. It also limits the number of animals entering the shelter system where there are limited financial resources and space. In the Midlands municipal shelters, we have a 62% euthanasia rate for companion pets.  Adult cats and medium to large dogs have a much higher chance of euthanasia.    Keeping pets in the home and out of the shelter is the best possible life for your furry friend!

Curious about other ways to help keep your pets in the home they belong in? Contact Alison Gibbons at or call 465-9150.

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