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Urgent Need For Kitten Cat Fosters, Adoptions – Local Municipal Shelters Overflowing

Pawmetto Lifeline, a local non-profit animal rescue whose mission is to create a no-kill community in the Midlands, saw a brief reprieve from cat and kitten euthanasias within the local municipal shelters over the past few months. Unfortunately, Pawmetto Lifeline’s rescue facility has reached capacity and has no room to pull more cats and kittens from the local shelters. An urgent plea is being broadcast around the Midlands for the public to help by adopting a cat or kitten directly from the local shelters or from Pawmetto Lifeline. The public can also help by agreeing to foster a litter of kittens or an adult cat. If action is not taken quickly, overcrowding at our local shelters means that cats and kittens left behind will be euthanized.

“Pawmetto Lifeline currently has over 200 cats in our care within our facility and in foster homes. We have no more room to pull cats and kittens that desperately need to get out of the shelter,” stated Denise Wilkinson, CEO of Pawmetto Lifeline. “We need the community to step up and agree to foster cats and kittens until we can make room for them. Our foster program is our best solution to the tragedies that are happening right now in our local shelters.”

Pawmetto Lifeline’s Foster Program is a 2-4 week program in which the public agrees to care for a dog or cat from the local shelter that we have designated for our adoption program. These pets are fostered until arrangements can be made for a permanent placement (transportation to another no-kill rescue or adoption to a local family). Pawmetto Lifeline’s Foster Program also provides all food, supplies, medical care, and 24/7 support/training.

By committing to adopt or foster for 2-4 weeks until the kittens are ready for adoptions, YOU will help Pawmetto Lifeline save lives! The Pawmetto Lifeline staff and municipal shelter staff are heartbroken that euthanasia will be the ONLY option for so many cats and kittens unless the community steps up. Go to a local municipal shelter or Pawmetto Lifeline today to adopt and save a life!

Click here to learn more about becoming a partner in Pawmetto Lifeline’s Foster Program. If you are interested in joining the Foster Program, please respond today by contacting the Director of Foster Homes by email or leave a brief message at (803) 465-9175.


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