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State of Emergency: The Bully Breed Crisis in South Carolina – Part 1

“ The only inherently dangerous thing about Bully Breeds is an uneducated opinion which is the result of an under-socialized, untrained bully breed that has improper ownership.” 

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Once a bully breed enters one of our municipal shelters in South Carolina, they have a 1 in 600 chance of leaving the shelter alive. Until the attitude toward the bully breed changes, their situation will remain grim.

The bully breeds are the most victimized group amongst canines, especially amongst dog fighters, backyard breeders, and criminals. They are forced to serve as guard dogs, have litter after litter, and are thrown away when they are no longer profitable to their owner.

As a community, we have to urge our leaders to take action and respond to this crisis with solutions that will encourage everyone to be part of the answer the bully breeds so desperately need.

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Programs that provide medical services, spay/neuter surgeries, food, and assistance in finding bully breed friendly housing are only a portion of the solution. There needs to be a shift in thought amongst our society that eradication is not a means to an end.

Stay tuned each week as we take you behind-the-scenes of the plight of the bully breed. This multi-part series will uncover the myths behind the breed, the negative stigma surrounding bully breeds, and ways that you can help.

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Join us in becoming part of the solution by supporting forthcoming legislation to PROTECT the bully breed from further wrongful persecution!


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