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Lio: A Tail of an Amazing, Adoptable, Misunderstood Dog Part 1 — An Introdogtion

Lio. You might recognize the name. You might recognize the face. Maybe you saw him once or twice on a Subaru billboard ad while driving by the zoo exit over the past 3 years. There’s a chance you saw him in a Paws & Tails magazine issue, or in Midlands Anchor. You might have seen him on national Facebook pet organization pages. Perhaps you glance at his profile photo every time you scroll through photos of the adoptable pets on the Pawmetto Lifeline website. Every. Single. Time. Maybe you saw him on Tinder (oh yes, we went there). Or you’ve simply stumbled upon this article and are just as excited as we are to zoom in on the life of a (still) adoptable dog who has long needed a furever home—a true furever home.

Lio is a beautiful 7-year-old dog who first entered the care of Pawmetto Lifeline in March of 2014.  His background is one of maltreatment, one of chaos, and one of ceaseless misunderstanding of who he was and what his needs were. Behaviors that could have been addressed positively were addressed negatively, insomuch that an electric shock collar was used in intervals more excruciatingly frequent than we’d like to think at a training facility with practically zero owner involvement. We’ll elaborate a little in later posts because of the inevitable contrast of “then versus now” you’re bound to drop your jaw about, but it’s important to note that to date, however, Lio is the smartest, goofiest, most sensitive, and most patient canine we’ve had the pleasure of having in our care.  Lio is an amazing dog, an adoptable dog, and he’s a misunderstood dog; until this guy finds his true furever home, we’re going to be showing you precisely why. In the words of Pawmetto Lifeline Medical Director, Mike Kokernak, “Lio’s story is a perfect example of how an extremely mistreated and misunderstood dog can blossom into a sweet, loyal companion.” We’ll show you who he is, how much he’s grown, and just how wonderfully he’ll flourish in the right home.

Every Tuesday and Friday, we’ll illustrate Lio’s adventures and provide updates through this series. We ask that you please share it with everyone you know. Spread the word. Share the love. Share Lio. Along the way, you’ll get to feast your eyes on his strikingly handsome smiles, virtually feel his charasmatic personality, his charm, his smarts, appreciate his infatuation with the water hose, and just what exactly he needs in an adopter. Along the way to what, you ask? Along the way to a furever home. We’ll go from “misunderstood” to “mister understood.” Stay tuned.

— Lio’s Foster Mom

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