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Are you a hero to homeless pets?

 Consider the following questions:

  1. Do you pick up a dog/cat on the side of the road and immediately drive to a shelter or rescue?
  2. Do you get a pet from Craigslist or Facebook to take them directly to a shelter or rescue?
  3. Do you pick up an injured pet, take them to the vet, but are upset that the medical care is not provided for free?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are not being their hero. A hero or guardian angel provides temporary shelter, medical care, and aids in finding the pet a new home through networking with rescues or other resources. A hero does not defer the responsibility to organizations that are already doing what they can for homeless, injured, or dying animals.

When picking up a stray pet, answering a craigslist ad, or seeing a free puppies sign on the side of the road, you should make the decision to help that animal with the conscious thought that you may be inconvenienced for a short while and that you are committing to providing a safe haven with medical care and love until a forever home can be found.

If you are unprepared to make that commitment, it is counterproductive to be a “keyboard warrior” through social media by being argumentative, aggressive, or hurtful through comments or reviews when a rescue is not able to immediately respond to your situation. It does more harm than good to all of the animals who are in danger of euthanasia at municipal shelters when staff takes valuable time to address baseless accusations on social media rather than focusing on helping the vast number of animals that are losing their lives every day in our community.

Be their hero. Take action to provide safety, food, and love for the small amount of time before finding their forever home instead of being a “keyboard warrior.”

Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Do more than send an email; participate in every phase of the rescue effort for stray or homeless pets. Foster, board, donate, fundraise, market the pet to ensure they get the best home possible.

You have one pet; rescue organizations have hundreds every day in their care. Don’t ask others to do what you are not willing to do. Be their hero! 

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