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In his own words: Austin Meyer, creator of X-Plane flight simulator software, gave 1.5 million dollars to make our dream a reality.

To make a gift to support operations of our new center, contact:
Denise Wilkinson, CEO
Pawmetto Lifeline

Click Here for a downloadable PDF version of the campaign brochure.

Each year, more than 17,000 companion animals entered the municipal animal shelters in Richland and Lexington counties. More than 11,000 of these animals were euthanized.

What we are all about is reducing that number to zero. That’s the dream, and we’re going to make it a reality. Actually, perhaps “dream” is too insubstantial a word. We are approaching our goal systematically and pragmatically. We have developed, and are well on the way to implementing, a solid plan employing specific, identified solutions – solutions that have been proven to work. Wishful thinking is not our way.

How will we know we’ve succeeded? When no healthy, treatable, adoptable pet is euthanized in Lexington or Richland counties. A giant leap in that direction was the opening, March 7, 2012 of our new facility on Bower Parkway – the Meyer-Finlay Pet Adoption Center of Lexington and Richland Counties.

Of course, we’ve already accomplished a great deal. Since 1999, Project Pet – now Pawmetto Lifeline – has been the conscience of compassion for the Midlands community and a vital area resource for humane care for our abandoned and homeless animals. Our legacy is one of devotion to responsible and compassionate care for the homeless animals of our community, and of fostering the animal-human bond. The core purpose of Pawmetto Lifeline is to promote and practice the principle that every life is precious.

Since our founding, we have rescued over 6,000 animals that would have been put to death otherwise.

Now that our new home is open, we are able to do so much more.

We can rescue an additional 2,500 cats and dogs annually – up from our previous total of 800 annually – which means 3,000 animals that otherwise would not have a chance will live full and healthy lives. More than that, we will be working to break the cycle that has in the past led to hopelessness for so many helpless creatures: With the addition of full-time vets and a medical clinic housed in our new building, we will be able to spay and neuter more than 30,000 animals annually.

In our new building, one staff veterinarian will be able to spay or neuter 7,560 animals each year. But we aren’t going to have just one vet – eventually, we will house four. That adds up to a potential 30,240 procedures per year!

The Meyer-Finlay Center will also house the facilities to socialize and train rescued animals, as well as offer training classes for pets that belong to the public.

The training classes and other for-fee services will eventually provide us with one source of operating funds. But we will always depend mostly on individual and corporate donations to support our day-to-day operations. And until we’re fully up and running at the new center, we especially need all of the help you can provide to keep us moving toward that goal.

The generous outpouring we have received from the community already is overwhelmingly gratifying. Of our original $6.5 million goal  for building and launching the Meyer-Finlay Center, we have only $1 million left to raise. With this money we will hire veterinarians and additional personnel, equip the facility, and keep the lights on until the new center is fully operational.

And while we already have a name for the building, many opportunities remain for you to add your name or a beloved pet’s name, visibly and concretely, to make the dream of a no-kill community a reality.