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A Community Partnership

Our programs represent a tremendous investment in the community, one that will benefit not only homeless animals and those who care about them, but the taxpayers of the Midlands. Once built and fully operational, we expect the Meyer-Finlay Center to save taxpayers nearly $10 million over the next 10 years. Click here to view a spreadsheet about the regional impact of this initiative. So it is fitting, and wise, that officials in Richland and Lexington counties have formed a partnership with Pawmetto Lifeline to address the over-population issue of companion pets in the two counties. The counties are depending on us to provide:

an aggressive spay and neuter program that includes a mobile component that will focus on rural areas.
a no-cost spay/neuter voucher program
adoptions for a minimum of 2,400 dogs and cats from the two counties’ animal shelters.
an education program that focuses on proper care for companion pets, including not only such basics as food, water, and shelter, but proper annual medical care.
animal behavior training.

The overall goal of the partnership is to put a real solution in place that will solve the overpopulation issue of companion pets. The two counties take in over 17,000 homeless pets a year, euthanize over 11,000 and spend over $3 million a year to run the facilities. The partnership between the two counties and Pawmetto Lifeline is a great example of a public-private partnership that will ultimately solve problems, and save lives and money.


Speaking of taxes, Pawmetto Lifeline is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. That means your contributions are tax-deductible.