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Brinkley's Stats

5 years
If you have a special place in your heart for special needs dogs, we hope you have room in your heart and home for Brinkley.

Brinkley is a gorgeous Sheltie/Pom who has been severely abused, has neurological issues we believe from the abuse and has been homeless for three years now. He is almost completely blind but does see some vision in one eye so sudden movements are very scary to Brinkley and he will react negatively to them.

Brinkley needs a home where he is loved unconditionally. He has seen a neurologist and a number of private veterinarians. He has improved greatly since being with us but we can not promise that there will be continued improvement so his new family will need to accept him as he is and simply love him for who he is today.

He loves to go on a walks several times a day, chase his toys and just hang out. 

Brinkley spent the night with one of our employees recently and was a complete gentleman. He did great on his car ride and even did really well going through the drive through so of course he had to get a treat as he went for his over night stay.

Brinkley cannot be in a home with a lot of activity or children. He needs a very structured environment with an owner who is firm, consistent and also understands how to achieve pack leader status. One who will also not push Brinkley's limits by getting too close to his face accidentally or moving too quickly. The touch of a hand is very scary to Brinkley. A home with a calm dog, a fenced in yard and a doggy door would be perfect. We often compare Brinkley's personality to a cat. He can be very playful and happy and he can also be very much in charge and independent. 

Pawmetto Lifeline will provide medical services for Brinkley for life. But Brinkley needs a home. If you think you have the perfect environment and the heart for this gorgeous boy, please call Denise: 803-616-4149