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Lost/Found/Surrender a Pet

Between Richland and Lexington County last year there were 11,469 homeless pets and more than 3,600 were euthanized.  Each day Pawmetto Lifeline is caring for over 300 pets.  Each week we receive over 45 requests from the community to help re-home pets.  We want to help every pet but no matter how large an organization is there not enough room for so many homeless pets.  

Each day we are saddened that we are unable to accept and care for every pet. We hope that the community can step in to help by holding pets, finding homes for them on their own or working with us through our managed intake process. With these steps, you can help guarantee life for the pet.

Please DO NOT bring a pet to Pawmetto Lifeline to surrender. We have a managed intake process and DO NOT accept pets immediately.
Pawmetto Lifeline has a managed intake process and can only accept pets when we have space and funds.  
If you are trying to surrender a pet to Pawmetto Lifeline, you must live in Richland or Lexington County. If you live in a different county, see rescue options below. 
We will ask you to work with us to foster the pet and donate or raise funds to help with medical care.
If you are trying to surrender an animal there are two ways to reach our intake department
Send an email to  or leave a message.  Please make sure you include:
The county you live in that is reflected from your address on your driver's license.  
A clear and crisp picture of the animal (at least one body shot and one front face shot). 
Information on the pet including vaccine history and spay/neuter status. 
Information on the temperament of the pet.
Reason for surrendering.
You can call our Intake Line at 803.465.9189.  You may have to leave a message.  
The Intake Department is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm and closed on Saturday and Sunday. All emails and phone calls will be answered within 24 hours after receiving unless it is on Saturday or Sunday and those emails/calls are returned on Monday. 
This is a community problem and we are asking the community to work together to save animals.
Other no-kill rescues:
For a current list of other no-kill rescues that may be able to assist you with the pet you are trying to rehome, please visit one of the links below. 
Direct adoptions:
If you would like to adopt your pet to a new home on your own here are some great resources:
If you would like information on how to conduct a home visit or what questions to ask a potential adopter, please contact for more information. 
If you have found a pet, please have the pet scanned for a microchip first. We ask that you hold the pet for a minimum of 5 days until you can locate the owner before re-homing the pet. We can work with you through our managed intake process to assist you but it could take time to be accepted into our program.
Please put a picture of the pet on chasing Tails Pet Patrol on Facebook.  This group works hard to reunite lost pets with their owners.  Do not put the gender of the pet or the color of the collar (if applicable) that the pet has. Ask anyone claiming to be the owner to tell you that information to ensure they are the owner of the pet.
If you have found a cat or kitten with the tip of one of their ears missing, please return the cat/kitten to the location that it was found so long as they are not in grave danger. An ear-tipped cat has been through a TNR program. Click here for more information. 
Trap-Neuter-Return, commonly referred to as “TNR”, is a humane and is the most effective method for controlling the cat population growth.
TNR benefits the cat and the community. Using this technique, community cats living outside are trapped, neutered, vaccinated and ear tipped and then returned to their outdoor home.
You can borrow a humane cat trap from Pawmetto Lifeline’s Community Cat Program. Click here for more information or contact the Community Cat Program at or 803.465.9176
If your pet is missing, the first step is to remain calm. Contact your neighbors and place fliers in your neighborhood with your pet's name, age, photo, and your best phone number and email. Post your pet's information, including the location they are missing from, on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or NextDoor. Facebook pages, such as Chasing Tails Pet Patrol and Lost/Found in South Carolina, have a wide reach and numerous followers to help your pet find their way back home. 
Visit your local municipal shelters and ask to see their intakes since your pet went missing. You can also ask that they post your pet's lost flier in the event that they are brought to the shelter. If your cat is missing, you can place their litterbox or an article of your clothing on a porch or patio to help them find their way home. You should also contact local veterinarians in the event that your pet is brought in to be scanned for a microchip. 
If your pet is microchipped, you will need to contact the microchip company to report your pet as lost. If you are unsure of the company, you can visit