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June 6, 2014

Adoption Success Stories

Adoption Success Stories


Bogie does not have your standard adoption story. Yes, Bogie does have hair on his body, big long ears, and walks on four legs. But Bogie isn't of the canine or feline variety! Bogie is a mule. When our of our generous supporters, Ms. Betty Reams made her will, she requested that Pawmetto Lifeline oversee the placement of her beloved mule after she passed. Through the "Rest Assured" program, Ms. Betty was able to ensure that Bogie would be taken care of and placed in a loving home. Bogie is now living it up in Blythewood, but we are sure he still misses Ms. Betty, as we all do. If you or someone you know is interested in "Rest Assured", the estate planning program here at Pawmetto Lifeline, which ensures your pets are placed in loving homes after passing, please contact Denise Wilkinson at or call 803-465-9195.

Jubie and Snowy

Jubie and Snowy were rescued together after their prior owner was evicted from her home due to hoarding.  A wonderful woman from Greenville adopted them together. The adopter, a special education teacher, felt drawn to Snowy, who is an all-white, deaf Cocker Spaniel. She immediately adopted Snowy, and after a day, called the Adoptions Department to say she could not separate Snowy from her sister, Jubie, and adopted Jubie also! These sweet ladies are doing extremely well in their new home.


Thomas was a very special Yorkie Pawmetto Lifeline rescued after he was brutally kicked and then left at a local municipal shelter. A very kind, gentle retired woman from North Carolina heard about his story and drove to South Carolina to adopt him. When she met him for the first time, he melted into her arms and she squealed with happy tears in her eyes "He likes me!" She held him close to her heart throughout the rest of the adoption, and no doubt will do so for the rest of his life!



Found as a stray on board members' farm, George didn't stand much of a chance if he went to a shelter. Completely black with Staffordshire Terrier characteristics, he would have never made it out alive. A bit shy at first, George was still very anxious to shower love and kisses on everyone, and it was easy to see he had a big heart.  A younger couple full of patience and looking for an active, playful boy said George fit the bill. They saw his obvious love for people and willingness to please and decided to make him part of their family.   



Chumley was rescued from a local municipal shelter almost 18 months ago. When he first arrived at Pawmetto Lifeline, he was very afraid and timid. After several months in foster care, his happy, loving personality blossomed, and he returned to the facility for adoption. A few days after he arrived, a jubilant, warm couple strolled through the adoption ward and with one look, fell in love with Chumley. When they met Chumley, he grinned at them. He had picked them too!



Rose and her sister, Tulip, were owner surrenders who were very sweet and socialized when they came to Pawmetto Lifeline.  As with many of the animals, they were a bit shy at first, but their big personalities soon came out.  An adopter that had been on the feline request list looking for a female kitten was immediately contacted. When she came in, Tulip had already been adopted, but once she met her, Rose won her heart. 


Stark and Pepper

Both Stark and Pepper arrived at Pawmetto Lifeline in extremely poor health.  During the medical intake assessment, Pawmetto Lifeline's vet staff found that Stark was born without eyes, and Pepper had no inner eyelids. Adopters can be put off by pets with special needs, even when the pets prove that their medical conditions do not hamper their love or enjoyment of life.  Pepper was Stark's seeing-eye partner, and they were so much fun to watch play!  It was so amazing to watch Stark bat around balls and play with toys.  You would almost forget he couldn't see until he ran through a bowl of water or into a wall trying to catch the ball.  If he did get cornered somewhere, Pepper would come help him out. Stark and Pepper were a bonded pair and it took a special family to take them both on!  Their new family wasn't fazed by their needs and found them very exciting, so they fell in love and the rest is history!



Surrendered at a municipal shelter by his owner because he had cancer and could no longer care for him, Chip showed up to Pawmetto Lifeline fluffy and sneezy.  He had contracted an upper respiratory infection from shelter exposure and was timid and unsure. His photo was sent to a family that had been on the feline request list for some time, specifically looking for a Persian and willing to wait for just the right one.  Chip had their hearts the moment they saw his picture in the email! Within just a few hours and the exchange of more emails, Chip was adopted sight unseen!  Now named "Hootie," his new family certainly knew a good thing when they saw him, and he has been a perfect fit into their home!