Every Life is Precious — Even Pax’s Life

By tkratzer | March 11, 2020

Meet Pax, an unknown dog lying on the side of the road, unable to move and obviously hit by a car. Animal Control was called to pick him up, and then Pawmetto Lifeline got a call from the municipal shelter saying, “we have a dog that was hit by a car. Can you take him? If…

Myths vs Fact: Pitbulls

By Heather Williamson | October 23, 2019

Over the past 60 years, the Pitbull type dog has gone from ultimate family dog to ultimate bad dog with a reputation for aggression due to factors beyond their control. The bully breeds are not wired for aggression but are a direct product of their environment. In this article, with the myths published by Best…

Fostering a Kitty with Ringworm: Not So Scary After All!

By Heather Williamson | October 8, 2019

What exactly IS ringworm? It sounds gross! Ringworm is a fungal infection affecting the skin, hair and occasionally nails of animals (and people). It manifests itself on kittens generally on the head, around the eyes, ears, feet, and tail in round areas of hair loss that are rough and scaly. It is NOT a worm,…

Fur Ball 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

By Heather Williamson | September 25, 2019

Microchipping: Common Myths Debunked!

By Heather Williamson | August 12, 2019

Microchips are small computer chips the size of a grain of rice that are implanted under your pet’s skin just like a routine injection. Unlike collars and ID tags, they can never break or fall-off. They work by receiving a radio signal from a scanner and transmitting the encoded chip identification number back to the…

Help! I found a newborn kitten. Now what??

By lkruger | August 9, 2019

If the kittens are in a safe spot, leave them so the mother can come back for them. If the mother is not available, and you decide to keep them – realize you are taking on a huge responsibility. Be prepared for sleepless nights, some frustrations and of course, some happy and grateful kittens. Always…

Care-a-Van Weekend Schedule 7/19-7/21/19

By Heather Williamson | July 19, 2019

July 19th 3pm-7pm: Farrow Rd – Shell Station – 9050 Farrow Rd Columbia, SC 3pm-7pm: Pet Lovers Warehouse – 6800 Garners Ferry Rd Columbia, SC 292093pm-7pm: Redbank – South Lake Pointe Shopping Center – 1123 S Lake Dr Lexington, SC 290734pm-7pm: Quail Valley Shopping Center – 6801 St. Andrews Rd Columbia, SC 29212 July 20th…

white dog on bench

Program Spotlight: Doggy Daycare & Boarding

By Heather Williamson | July 11, 2019

Learn more about Pawmetto Lifeline’s Daycare & Boarding in this week’s program spotlight! 1) Do you have space? Ah, truly the number one question—and usually the first. There’s really no “best time” to book for your dog’s stay here at Pawmetto Lifeline, BUT as soon as you know your vacation dates or that you’ll need…

Spay/Neuter: Giving Your Pet a Longer Life

By Heather Williamson | July 4, 2019

Check out this great article from our friends at ASPCA. To schedule your pet’s spay/neuter surgery, contact our Spay/Neuter Clinic at clinic@pawmettolifeline.org or click here for more information. https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/general-pet-care/spayneuter-your-pet By spaying or neutering your pet, you’ll help control the pet homelessness crisis, which results in millions of healthy dogs and cats being euthanized in the…