Pawmetto Lifeline Business Partner Program

We are looking to establish an annual partnership with private companies and have created our Lifeline Business Partners program, where a company becomes a partner for a year and has a vested interest in the success of Pawmetto Lifeline.  One of the benefits of this partnership is we would hold one or two fundraising and marketing events per year at your facility which we both would publicize and attempt to draw in a large audience.  These events can be one day or month long events.  As an example one local retail store recently held an event for us and awarded us 10% of their sales on every Monday for two months.  This resulted in a significant check and marketing for and by both entities.  Also, we can arrange a presentation ceremony for you to present us with a check for funds raised, take photos and send out a press release to all media outlets and promote via our social media constituents.

Current Business Partners