H.E.A.R.T. Rescue Collaboration

The mission of HEART is to facilitate the rescue of companion pets scheduled for euthanasia in municipal shelters and to ensure their safety through the coordinated efforts of a network of like-minded rescue organizations.

HEART truly represents collaboration in its purest sense.  HEART partners with rescue organizations throughout the country in an effort to move the homeless pets from the municipal shelters in the Midlands, which are high-kill shelters, to no-kill animal rescue organizations that can provide the necessary medical and training to ensure a successful adoption for each pet.  We refer to our no-kill animal rescue partners as Placement Partners. If you are interested in becoming one of our life-saving Placement Partners in order to help our death row pets, please click here for more information.

HEART is one of the many programs that will help our community achieve a no-kill status, ultimately saving thousands of lives and millions of dollars currently spent to run our municipal shelters.

We invite you to join Pawmetto Lifeline and our life-saving mission by:

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