Community Cat Trapping Information

Community Cat Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information

Pawmetto Lifeline Spay/Neuter Clinic: 1275 Bower Parkway Columbia, SC 29212

When you pull into Pawmetto Lifeline’s parking lot head towards the back of the building.  As you get to the back of the building you will see a set of double doors labeled “Spay/Neuter Clinic.”  Please enter the clinic and let the staff know you are dropping off a community cat.

One Community Cat per person can be dropped off at the spay/neuter clinic in a humane trap Monday-Thursday between 8:10AM-9:30AM without an appointment.  Bringing in two or more cats at once requires an appointment.  If you would like an appointment please call 803-465-9100 or email If you would like to expedite the check in process please arrive at 8:10AM sharp (if you arrive between 8:10-9am you'll have to wait through the regular surgery drop off process) or between 9:00AM-9:30AM.

While at the clinic the cat will be spayed or neutered, given Rabies and FVRCP vaccine, and ear tipped.  Other services are available for additional fees.

Pick up is the following morning at 7:30AM sharp.

  • Please make sure the trap is fully covered with a sheet or towel.  Covering the trap helps the cat stay calm and greatly reduces the stress on the cat.
  • DO NOT bring cats in large dog crates
  • DO NOT bring cats in cat carrier


Community Cat Trapping Tips and Tricks

Establish a feeding schedule

  • Feed as close to the same time everyday
  • Feed once or twice a day
  • Food should only be available for 1 hour. Anything left over should be picked up. Just like us, cats don’t need to snack all day even though they may want to!
  • Benefits to a feeding schedule
    • Make trapping more efficient
    • After TNR, it helps to monitor the cats to ensure the colony is healthy
    • Helps to discourage wildlife and insects

Trap Training

  • Place humane trap where the cat(s) are fed
  • Zip tie the trap open and feed the cats in the trap
  • If you feed multiple cats, entice the cats to eat in the trap by putting only wet food or “treats” in the zip tied trap. Wet food only should be put in the traps. During trapping process, NO wet food in the regular feeding area


  • Cut the zip tie and set the trap
  • Set the trap at feeding time
  • Bait the trap with wet cat food, tuna, mackerel, or KFC chicken (KFC is a community cat favorite)
  • Once the cat is trapped, cover the cat with an old sheet or towel. Covering the cat will help the cat calm down. Many community cats are not used to being approached by humans and will run into the ends of the trap. This is normal behavior, if the cat injures their face, don’t worry, the cat's injury will be checked out while he/she is sedated for surgery.
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Community Cat Program Facts


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Point of Contact:
Belinda Beese
Community Cat Coordinator
1275 Bower Parkway
Columbia, SC 29212