You found a pet!

Steps to take when finding a stray pet in the Midlands.

First of all, thank you for your compassion and willingness to help the lost pet you have encountered. By not turning a blind eye, you have seized the opportunity to become a Life Advocate and literally save a life! Unfortunately, there are far too many homeless pets in our community without that voice. Please review the steps below to help find a forever home for this homeless pet.

Step 1

Please do not take this animal to one of the local municipal shelters.Over 17,000 homeless pets enter the two area municipal shelters each year and over 11,000 of those same pets are euthanized due to lack of space and resources. Due to the large number of homeless pets, stray pets can be euthanized after a five day holding period. Pawmetto Lifeline has partnered with the local municipal shelters to help reduce this number but you can help by not adding to their population.

Step 2

Take the animal to a local vet or Pawmetto Lifeline and check to see if it has a microchip. If the pet does have a microchip, please contact the pet's owners.

Step 3

If the pet is not microchipped, put up flyers at local shelters, rescues and even an ad in the paper saying that you found a pet. Often times people's beloved pets get euthanized or adopted to new families simply because they got out of the yard and their owners have no way of finding them. Contact The State Newspaper at (803) 771-7653 or The Free Times at (803) 765-0707 to inquire about their lost pet ad options. Another option is to put an ad on

Step 4

If you cannot locate the original owners and are unable to keep this animal yourself, please see here for more information about how Pawmetto Lifeline may be able to help. While we know this process may create a temporary inconvenience for you, by partnering with us, YOU can help to save a life.