*Please DO NOT bring a pet to Pawmetto Lifeline to surrender. We have a managed intake process and DO NOT accept pets immediately.*

Intake Information


If you are trying to surrender an animal, please contact by:
Phone Number
You must include
• The county you live in that is reflected from your address on your driver's license.
• A clear and crisp picture of the animal (at least one body shot and one front face shot).
• Information on the pet including vaccine history and spay/neuter status.
• Information on the temperament of the pet.
• Reason for surrendering.

Pawmetto Lifeline has a managed intake process and can only accept pets when we have space and funds.

We will ask you to work with us to foster the pet and donate or raise funds to help with medical care.

If you are trying to surrender a pet to Pawmetto Lifeline, you must live in Richland or Lexington County. If you live in a different county, see rescue options below.

  • To help rehome the pet you found, we encourage you to use websites like www.Rescueme.org and place an adoption fee for the pet. There are also Facebook pages for your community where you can find adopters.
  • Here is a link to other no-kill rescue groups that may be able to assist http://www.nokillnetwork.org/d/South-Carolina/ . We would recommend that when you contact the rescues please attach pictures for them to look at as well as information on their vaccinations and spay/neuter situation. Please email all of them, not just one!